Why the Left is so desperate to derail Brexit

The Left has tried and failed repeatedly to make the courts stop the UK leaving the European Union, and pledges on a daily basis to obstruct and impede it, including by demanding a second referendum.

To ask why is to invite the response that this is what parties in opposition do for a living.

But might there be another reason? We’ve already seen how the Left is dependent for its political survival on addicting the voting public to the state through benefits ad public sector jobs.

To find out why, we need to go back more than a decade to a large market town in the East of England.

Every week, its magistrates court saw Eastern Europeans facing drink driving charges. They always pleaded guilty.

Then the court heard how they worked six or seven days a week on farms and in factories, with evidence provided of how little money they earned for this.

Unable to pay a lump sum fine, the court usually made them pay a few pounds a week, for several months.

Did the magistrate enquire as to why these migrant workers were being paid so little? Did any of the police officers, or legal aid lawyers present do so?

Of course not. You would need a civil service the size of China’s to properly enforce minimum wage and working conditions legislation across the country.

Elsewhere in that town, if you lived in a council house, you lived off benefits. The gulf between the well-off white collar professions in their leafy avenues, and the bungalow estates of the no-longer-working class, was enormous.

A recruitment agency manager told me that the overwhelming majority of her clients were Eastern Europeans. The English, she said, turned up once, called in sick the next morning, then stopped answering calls. Why? So they could get paid for a day’s work with no loss in benefits.

Why did we tolerate this? Why did we think it acceptable for foreigners to be paid far less than minimum wage, with working conditions no Brit would ever agree to?

Why did we allow an entire class of the British population to be undercut by underpaid foreign labour, forced out of employment, and into state dependency?

State dependency – so that’s why the Government of the day let this happen, to buy votes with welfare, as well as import new voters from abroad who were more likely to vote Labour.

It almost worked: in the 2010 general election, 68% of ethnic minority voters supported Labour and only 16% did so for the Conservatives.

But, perhaps coming from countries with historically less generous benefits systems, or with stronger ties to religion, these voters’ views tended to be more conservative than those of white British electors.

By 2015, the tide was turning: 52% for Labour, and 33% Tory. And on 23 June, 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Fifty two per cent of the population had finally had enough of the EU, the Left, and the benefits-and-immigration votes factory.

Good riddance.









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