‘Sexist’ Tube advert isn’t sexist, by feminist logic


Another day, another advertisement is condemned as ‘sexist’ by feminists:

Of course, Marsh & Parsons estate agency has now agreed to take it down, and the Advertising Standards Authority has received a somewhat underwhelming six complaints. Feminism is, naturally, at the forefront of the backlash:

We’ve seen before how the Left seeks to impose its ideology in public places, language, universities, and in this instance, the marketplace of advertising.

But wait, isn’t feminism supposed to be about achieving equality? This tweet would appear to reveal some other intention:

Ah, so this advert is ‘offensive’ as it stands, but wouldn’t be if the roles were reversed? That doesn’t sound like equality. Either Pimlicat doesn’t consider this advertisement sexist, or isn’t a feminist.

Perhaps realising this glaring inconsistency, she fudged later: ‘i [sic] don’t have to find something offensive to understand how it might offend others’.

Thankfully, some took a dim view of this censorship-by-backlash:

Beware: what is costumed as a fight for equality may, instead, be something rather different, and quite damaging. 


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