For the Left, freedom is slavery

In America, the pro-slavery Democrats lost the Civil War, then they lost the fight against their own President, Lyndon B Johnson, to stop civil rights becoming law.

The natural home of these new voters was the Republicans, a party founded to stop slavery, and more Republican legislators voted to enact civil rights into law than Democrats. So what did the Democrats do?

They pulled off a political masterstroke, by making black and ethnic minority voters dependent on welfare and public housing.

Even Barack Obama writes of decades of Democrat control in Chicago, on page 147 of Dreams From My Father:

“Plantation politics,” the man with the newspaper said.

“That’s just what it was, too,” Smitty said. “A plantation. Black people in the worst jobs. The worst housing. Police brutality rampant. But when the so-called black committeemen came around election time, we’d all line up and vote the straight Democratic ticket. Sell our soul for a Christmas turkey.”

In Britain, the Left offset the decline in manufacturing jobs in the latter half of the last century with the same approach for their voter base.

The plan was that any attempt by the Right to cut welfare and push people into work  would prove too difficult politically, and would either be abandoned or be so unpopular as to return the Left to power at the next election.

From 1997-2010, ever greater benefits for those in work took addiction to the state to a whole new level, effectively a massive Government subsidy for employers to pay their staff less. And, ultimately, as this study concludes:

given the large impact on incomes – and implicitly on hourly wages – that is brought about through in-work benefits, it is doubtful that wage progression alone will lead to any significant movement out of in-work benefit receipt. 

So, even with a pay rise or promotion you’ll still be dependent on welfare – and the Left – to live.

Why work harder? Why educate yourself? Why take the risk of starting a business? Why work at all? Generations of talent wasted, simply to keep career Leftists in elected office.

A decade ago, a recruitment agency manager told me that the overwhelming majority of her clients were Eastern Europeans. The English, she said, turned up once, called in sick the next morning, then stopped answering calls. Why? So they could get paid for a day’s work with no loss in benefits.

But the Left will always provide, in exchange for a vote. Suppressing social mobility while lecturing about social inequality, keeping voters in council housing unnecessarily while waiting lists grow, keeping voters on benefits, and dependent on public sector jobs, is key to the Left’s political survival.

As manufacturing jobs were globalised abroad, migrants arrived in ever greater numbers to work for low wages and worse conditions, and union membership withered away to little more than the public sector.

The Left voter base becomes addicted to the state, a soft, subsidy-drugged enslavement. For all its glittering costumes of earnest idealism, this has been a chillingly, mercilessly successful means of ensnaring votes.

For years, it worked. Until now.

To learn more, see Dinesh D’Souza’s excellent book and film Hillary’s America.






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