For the Left, censorship is freedom

At some point, demands for Islamists to be banned from public platforms like City Hall or university debates turned into something else.

Inciting people to commit crimes against others is rightly illegal. But when 59% of posts online are shared without being read, who decides what is hate crime, and what is simply something someone disagrees with?

Should you or I want to lead a campaign of some sort, perhaps to put on our CV, we might seek to exploit this ill-informed court of clicktivist public opinion that does so little research.

This has led to some impressive satire, such as this Huffington Post article titled White People Should Be Banned From Doing Yoga. Spoof, clickbait, or fake – sorry, ‘disputed‘ – news?

Perhaps anything can cause offence now, if someone, somewhere, says they’re a victim, and goes online to tell us all about it.

Everyone can be a victim, and can call on the state to intervene, or shout down a private enterprise or individual, even when no crime has been committed.

Perhaps we are all minorities, all potential victims, oppressed by some system or other, seeking vengeance on each other through the Left in exchange for a vote – divide and rule.

It is only in censorship by the state, or through boycotts, and adverse publicity, that the Left feels it can triumph in moral unimpeachability and achieve politically correct ‘justice’, and all to secure the vote of a grateful ‘victim’.

Here are five stages to political correctness:

  1. Announce injustice
  2. Cultivate victimhood
  3. Discredit self-reliance
  4. Censor
  5. Impose correct political thought and action

Of course, through censorship and exclusion a ‘victim’ seeks only ‘justice’, and cannot possibly be accused of discrimination. So, with a straight face, a student union diversity officer can claim: ‘I can’t be racist because I’m an ethnic minority woman’.

But there is a flaw to this logic of blameless victimhood: what if a gay Jewish immigrant dared to lampoon such nonsense?

Total uproar: he jokes with all the language the Left abhors, at their expense, and incinerates their arguments. As a minority thrice over, he is therefore ‘oppressed’, and ‘blameless’, so there is little the Left can do other than shout, wave placards, and riot. They knew he’d beaten them at their own game. For a while.

Abused as a child, this did not prove adequate defense when a recording emerged of him debating the issue. Within days, he lost his job, a book deal, and was disinvited from a major speaking engagement.

Finally, the Left had struck a blow. Of course, he’s carrying on the fight against political correctness: as the most fabulous supervillain on the internet and a free speech fundamentalist, why wouldn’t he? Milo knows that, if you make people laugh, you can almost get away with…anything.

Incidentally, political correctness comes from Mao Zedong, the Chinese communist leader responsible for the deaths of tens of millions, and someone whom the Left considers did more good than harm.

So, it is only through censorship that society can achieve complete freedom, the freedom to engage exclusively in correct political thought and action – that of the Left.

Of course, George Orwell wrote all about this 70 years ago, not in some obscure political tract we may be forgiven for overlooking, but in one of the most widely-read books of all time, a delightfully monstrous irony.

Another day, and another university seeks to eradicate thought crime by the deletion of language. The revolution must be permanent, said Trotsky. Carry on comrades – you provide us with such glorious and absurd entertainment.  




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